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Pictures, Writings & Ramblings

Hold On A Second


At the start of 2015, I watched a video which, unknowingly at the time, would end up changing a pretty important part of my life for the last few years. 

That video was Cesar Kuriyama's 1 Second Everyday (1SE) compilation. Kuriyama happened to be the founder of 1 Second Everyday and after watching his TED Talk about the idea, I found myself downloading his app.

Since it was early in the year, I decided that recording a second of video every day for the next year would be my new years resolution. I didn't anticipate it at the time, but creating the video affected my life in a few unexpected ways:

  1. It made me consider every moment more carefully. What if that was "the second" I wanted for that day? I found myself observing and considering what was going on in a way which I had never done before; using an app on my phone was actually making me more present. Over the first year, I would record three to four short videos a day and choose the most appropriate one afterwards. Now that I've recorded over 1000 seconds, my brain seems programmed to just know what the right moment is as the day progresses.

  2. My memory got incredibly better. Without even watching my first compilation, I can remember a lot of the seconds and what I did on the corresponding days. Seeing just a single second can trigger all the memories from that day as if it happened last week. I unintentionally cemented those moments in my head by recording them.

  3. It allowed me to share a new perspective on my life with my friends and family. The people around me appreciate, and some even look forward to, seeing the videos. A few of my friends have started doing their own 1SE videos, and watching them makes me understand the moments they value in a day. More often than not, they're completely different than mine, even if we spent a day together.

  4. It created a new way to introduce myself. My 1SE videos are a really great way to introduce myself to new people. When someone watches what I recorded over a year, they can figure out my interests, hobbies, favourite locations, what I eat, where I travelled, who I spent time with, what animal I found cute or even what car I thought was cool.

  5. It became completely part of my life. Early on in this three-year-old new years resolution, I read a statistic that it takes 21 days to create a habit in your life. I've been doing this for roughly 50 times longer than that, and recording a few seconds of video in a day has become more than second-nature. I often find myself opening my phone's camera before I even think about taking my second for the day.

Here are the last three years of my life one second at a time:

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