Design & Community Engagement

Design & Community Engagement

Conclusive Report


Over the course of this semester myself and two other students had the chance to work with Les anges d’Alex to help rebrand their organization and give them a refreshed web presence. After our first meeting with the client, it was obvious that we had made the right choice of working with them. We knew that we believe in their work and would love to contribute to helping their cause both in Quebec and in Haiti, however after working with them the project became much more fluid. The clients had clear ideas of what they liked or did not like, but they were still open to our ideas and constructive criticism. This made for a great dynamic between all the actors in the project, whether it was the lecturer, the clients or our team.


The process of rebranding was divided into two major steps: the website and the branding/logo. We first started working on the logo as it would dictate many of the design choices in the website. The main task here was to simplify everything so we made a new logo based on the client’s needs and also paired down their brand colours to something simpler but also much more striking. Once again, the clients requested the simplification of the colour palette and it was a great choice once we put it into action on their branding and website. For the website, it was a matter of changing the branding across several pages and reorganizing a few pages. Although the changes seemed small, the overall look and feel of the website was completely transformed and is easier to navigate than before.

As a team, all three of us hope to be able to continue working with Les anges d’Alex next semester since we had many ideas that we discussed at the start of the year which we could not get to this semester. We viewed this first semester as a step towards having a new brand on which we could build next year. Our hopes are to collaborate with the clients and the people they help in Haiti to create products such as woodworking projects, sewing patterns or anything else that is a useful skill to teach, while still bringing valuable results which impact their lives positively.

Kevin Montgomery